Virtual Academic Master (VAM)

A complete web based academic management solution that caters to the entire academic and management needs. VAM is designed and developed to improve the overall academic efficiency, increase the focus on student’s behaviour and skills, access varied sort of information quickly and achieve academic excellence.

Inventory Management System

Inventory control management system takes care of Stock Maintenance, Transactions, Stock Transfer and Billing for all stock related transactions. Search functionalities, depreciation calculations and all dynamic reports related to the inventory can be generated. System works with RFID and Barcode readers.

Finance Manager

Finance Manager is used to manage the accounting needs of organizations efficiently. The system offers streamlined and auditable revenue management procedures thereby ensuring complete control and real-time visibility into the financial performance of a business. Some of the main features of Finance Manager include billing management, financial reporting, consolidation, corporate governance, risk management and corporate compliance.

Ticket/ Complaint Management System

Customer complains/Ticket Management System is designed to assist your organization in the management of your complaint handling process. The system can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. Not only it helps in saving the time and efforts of the administration and staffs, but also increases the overall efficiency and quality of customer service.

Track My School

A Next Generation Integrated School Management Mobile Application to ensure that a child's school life is SAFE & SMART. The mobile app runs on both Android and iOS platforms. Comprehensive GPS system ensures child’s safety and timely transit to school and back, whereas Track my Class feature allows the students, teachers and parents interact seamlessly.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Retail POS Systems plays a significant role in business operations as it improves customer service and boosts the bottom line. POS Systems is simple and intuitive, yet powerful and scalable to handle multiple tasks across different platforms, devices and users. Works with credit-card swipes, barcode readers and receipt printers on both online and offline platforms seamlessly.

B2B & B2C Ecommerce Solutions

E-commerce portals act as a perfect gateway for people across the globe to buy and sell products and services. Our E-commerce solutions feature Business based graphic theme, online product catalogue, special offers, hot deals, shopping cart integration, checkout, payment gateway, order tracking, inventory management and more.